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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  March 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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no, it was so hot! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 ahead this morning: a *super showdown... in the race for the white house. but could the frontrunners, be in for a fight? 3 ((jen plus: the trial between a former wrestler and a website begins in just a few hours... after years of legal battles and roadblocks... the jury will finally be selected. 3 and: after an entire year in space... astronaut scott kelly finally heads home. when his plunge back to earth begins... and why his mission with nasa is far from over. 3 3 ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with dave.
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3 3 3 3 developing this morning in st. pete... police are investigating a shooting. it happened just after eight along james avenue south. police say two men got into an argument..... one of them to shot at the other... the victim was taken to bayfront health where he is expected to ok. st. pete police do not who he is ... and it's not clear if anyone was arrested. officers are still investigating.
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3 today in st. petersburg: the trial between a former wrestler... and a website... begins. jury selection gets underway in just a few hours. 3 hulk hogan brought the lawsuit against "gawker media"... after they leaked clips of a sex tape, featuring him. hogan says they didn't have permission and the tape was made *without his permission. the case has been going through the courts for about three *years now... with several appeals from gawker. but the trial is finally taking place. hogan is suing the website for 100 *million dollars. he claims the story hurt his career... causing him to lose his job with "world wrestling entertainment." jury selection is expected to last a week. 3 today in pinellas county: get ready to see a lot of signs like *this going up. a new county ordinance goes into effect today... to fight back against human trafficking. adult entertainment businesses, massage parlors, and nail salons are all required to put up signs like this. the sign is meant to alert employees about human trafficking, and ways they can report it. the sign must be in both english and spanish, and include a phone
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trafficking resource center. businesses that refuse to post signs, could face fines. 3 3 prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a man accused of *brutally murdering *four people. 3 adam matos is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend .. her parents .. and her new boyfriend .. then taking off with his four-year-old autistic son. it happened in hudson in the fall of 2014. police later found matos and his son in a tampa hotel. matos was arrested and charged with four counts of 1st degree murder. last tuesday.. the state filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty... because of the gruesome nature of the crime. 3 analyzing all of the d-n-a evidence in the case is expected to take several more months. no word yet on when his trial will take place. 3 3 a registered sex offender is back behind bars after deputies say he robbed then attempted to sexually assault two women in sarasota. 3 "daniel esposito" is facing multiple charges. the sarasota sheriff's office says he pulled a gun on a woman early yesterday morning as she pulled her car into her garage. that's when the 35-year-old tried to sexually
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attacked the woman's 69-year- old mother. the women broke free and called 9-1-1. police say "esposito" stole their phones then ran away. deputies were able to find him several hours later. "esposito" is being held without bond. 3 3 some people in tampa are still fighting the planned tampa bay express... known as t-b-x. officials held an informational meeting about the controversial new toll lane expansion... and many people showed up in opposition. 3 this map shows homes that could be demolished. the expansion will add tolled express lanes to i-275 and i-4-- right through the city's core. more than 2 dozen people showed up last night... they say the project isn't worth the cost. but f-dot says it's looking at the bigger picture... alleviating opponents say they'd rather have more mass transit... like trolleys or a light rail. a protest march against t-b-x 3 we're just hours away tuesday.... but the g-o-p presidential candidates
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more vicious. the democratic candidates meanwhile... are making a much more benign last minute appeal to voters. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more from washington. 3 waldman says (on-cam intro): "holding a commanding lead heading into super tuesday, donald trump finds himself getting pelted by a flurry of attacks ... but to no ones surprise, he's firing back." trump says: "trump 49% ... little lightweight marco rubio 16% ... lying ted cruz 15% ...." super tuesday eve ... and donald trump still lashing out at his closest competitors, marco rubio and ted cruz, despite a more than 30-point lead against the two first-term senators. trump himself dodging daggers ... after he initially refused to disavow an underhanded endorsement from former kkk grand wizard, david duke ... rubio so fired up by the candidate known for firing people ... he could barely speak.rubio says: "i don't care if it costs me my voice ... // ... i will never allow a con-artist to take the party of lincoln and reagan ..."the frontrunner from other angles ... including trump university's questionable business practices, the billionaire's alleged track record of hiring illegal workers ... and, the latest .... a report bubbling that trump told the new york times about an immigration plan much different than the one he has been proposing to voters ... cruz says: "donald, if you're sitting in manhattan telling the new york times that you're lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know that." far less drama between the two democratic candidates ... a new poll out today showing hillary clinton leading an unwavering bernie sanders by nearly 20-points .... sanders says: "polls go up, polls go down ..."waldman says (on-cam tag): "super tuesday is the single biggest delegate grab of all the days in the primary process ... with more than 14-hundred on the line. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." 3 3 3 3 news."joel waldman, fox in washington, line. in
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3 3 a news alert right now... in the riverview area. 3 the f-h-p is investigating a deadly crash
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*all southbound lanes of i-75 are closed. avoid that area if you can... take u-s 301 as an alternate. vanessa ruffes has much more in her traffic reports... later this half hour. 3 3 it's that time of year when people from all over the country flock to beaches on the gulf coast! but there can be danger lurking .. in the beautiful water! 3 we're talking about rip currents! yesterday... pinellas county installed 78 signs like this one... at access points on county-maintained beaches... like sand key park. the signs illustrate rip currents... describe what they are... and, most importantly, how to break free. rip currents are fast-moving channels of water that rush away from the shore. if you're caught in a rip current, don't fight it... in other words, don't swim *into it. swim left or right... parallel to shore... until you're free of the current... then you can swim back in. 3 3 space-x will try again to launch its falcon nine rocket from cape canaveral this evening... starting at
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times in just the last week. sunday's launch was aborted when a boat sailed into a restricted zone near the launch-pad. the company is trying to send a satellite into orbit that will support broadcasts in asia. it's also trying to return and land the rocket on a floating barge. 3 3 and also happening today... a homecoming around a year in the making... 3 astronaut scott kelly will start his journey back to earth around 4 this afternoon. he will have spent 342-days at the international space station... which is a u-s record. nasa is hoping this will shed light on the physical effects of such a long-term stay... they will compare kelly's results to his identical twin-- mark kelly-- who spent the year on earth. this mission is considered a stepping-stone for a journey to mars... which could take 2 or 3 years round trip. 3 3 after the break... the showdown between apple and the
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bit of an edge. 3 plus... a leap year occurrence... but a new mom is beating the odds. 3 3 3 3 3 break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30 3
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medley the sizzling sound of fresh florida vegetables mingling together; saut\ zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes in golden olive oil. serve with juicy sirloin steak. that's how easily pan roasted florida vegetables complete a delicious meal. for more great recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. welcome back... the time is 4:xx. classes at an ohio high school are canceled this morning... after a 14-year-old student opened fire inside the school's cafeteria hitting 2 students. officials say they have a haven't made that information public. 3 it happened yesterday morning at madison junior- senior high school. police say the teen pulled out a
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and shot 2 students. two others were also hurt in the panic. they say the teen then ran away from the school and ditched the gun... before a k-9 officer caught him. all of the students are in stable condition this morning. the teenage gunman is now charged with attempted murder and making terrorist threats. 3 officials are investigating a police-involved shooting after a north carolina man was killed. witnesses say the 24-year-old walked out of a corner store and was chased by police... they say he was shot in the back as he tried to jump over a fence. the man's family says he wasn't armed... but police say that wasn't the case. by nightfall... hundreds of people had gathered at the scene for a vigil. 3 apple and the f-b-i are taking their security standoff to capitol hill today. both sides are set to testify about whether the government should have the power to *force tech companies to provide customer data. apple just got some extra support in its fight on monday. a federal judge in new york ruled that the government *cannot force apple to hack iphones. that ruling actually applies to a *separate drug arrest in brookyln. but it gives
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california. that's where a judge ordered apple to create software to unlock a phone, that belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple says it would create a privacy risk for *all iphone users. 3 the odds of having a baby on leap day are slim... less than one percent of the world's population has a leap day birthday. but a couple in colorado can now say they have two children born on the unique day. antonio gunn was born yesterday... but he's actually jennifer gunn's *second leap year baby! giovanni was also born on the holiday. mom says it wasn't planned.... it was all
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3 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3
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3 3 3 another great charity happening in the bay area today... chick-fil-a is teaming up with monster transmission and performance today's event is raising money for lighthouse for the visually impaired and blind. it starts at 5 this evening at the chick-fil-a off cortez boulevard. there will be entertainment... prizes... games... and a silent auction. 3 still ahead: it was david versus golliath... in women's college basketball.
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in connecticut. 3 plus: deal or no deal... it doesn't matter for the tampa bay lightning. the trade deadline decision... that could pay off bigtime,
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we start with the tampa bay lightning. the nhl trade deadline has come and gone... but the biggest news for the lightning, is the trade that *didn't happen. jonathan drouin is *still a bolt this morning... even though he's been *demanding a trade for weeks, and *refused to play minor league games. but the team could afford to keep him, and it actually *increases his trade value this offseason. the lightning are also leaving the door open.. for drouin to re-join the team, for the playoffs. and judging by the way the bolts played last night... they might not need him. 3 bolts in toronto taking on the maple leafs. tyler johnson was in the lineup... just one day after getting stitches in his eyebrow... after getting hit by a puck. this game was scoreless in the 2nd period and look who gets the puck. tyler johnson walking in.. no one really on him and he'll takes the opening.... 1-nothing bolts. and johnson wouldn't stop there. he also scored a *second goal last night. and that's all
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andre vasilevskiy gives up a last minute goal... but the bolts hold on to win, two to one. 3 and the bolts are now *tied division... with the florida panthers. next up for the lightning... the ottawa senators on the road... thursday night. and now to college basketball... where the usf women took on the top team in the *country last night in connecticut. u-conn is ranked number one... and came in, with a 65 game winning streak. amazingly, usf *led this game at halftime... 25 to 24. but uconn *still won the game by 20 points... 79 to 59. there's still hope for the bulls... who are ranked 20th in the country. their star freshman... (kit-ee-ja)kitija lak-sa *missed this game with an injury. but she's expected back this weekend, for the conference tournament. usf has already locked up the
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uconn... in the final. 3 today in clearwater: spring training really gets into full swing. the phillies are hosting the blue jays at bright house field. the game is at 1-05 this afternoon. tickets start at just 14 dollars. and tomorrow... the rays have *their first spring training game, down in port charlotte. they host the washington nationals. 3 and finally, check this out. the harlem globetrotters are in town this week... and one of their stars... buckets blakes is already showin' off his stuff. he takes a trick shot from the top of amalie arena all the way down to the plaza... absolutely nails it! the globetrotters have a show wednesday night *inside the arena.
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3 3 ((vanessa)) 3 3
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3 drive by several billboards every day. now...a company that operates a lot of those signs...will be keeping an eye on the type of people passing underneath them. clear channel outdoor america announced yesterday it'll use cellphone data to do so. the program is called "radar." 3 for a lot of cellphone users, it's the bigger picture that makes them nervous. they're wondering -- how much data-tracking is too much? fox 13's aaron mesmer shows us how some people aren't thrilled with this idea. 3 "yeah, it does." everywhere you can be tracked -- and you might not know it."people are completely unaware, they're oblivious." ...of your cell phone's location settings option. a billboard company is banking on a lot of drivers leaving it they can figure out the kind of people passing by their signs. some don't mind the idea."it's a public street, they can do what they want if that's what their marketing group thinks will generate revenue." clear channel outdoor america is partnering with several companies, including a-t-and-t. the goal is to allow advertisers to more precisely target their audience. but...if you don't want your location tracked...cell phone technicians say there's an easy fix."you have the option to turn it completely off which takes away gps, bluetooth and crowdsource wifi hotspots." some worry all their data is being tracked. experts tell us theres a way to stop that too."to be as private as possible? you can turn it off completely." meaning shutting down "background app refresh" on iphones...or restricting background data on an android. a lot of people say they do that already."i don't allow
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don't try to give out my data or information." a clear driver data they receive is say this the latest reason to stop the endless stream from their phone."does it feel a little intrusive at times?" "yeah, it does." 3 that was fox 13's aaron mesmer. clear channel and
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generalized data. they can't even determine specific ages and genders. but there are 500-thousand people who are being financially have their locations mapped and then answer some questions afterward. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: one of the most talked about documentaries is coming to clearwater... that's right "making a murderer". we'll tell you all about it and how you can get tickets coming up. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is *live in tampa... with excitement surrounding two new ways to get around the bay area! i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with
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liquid that lasts for twelve hours? liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 developing this morning.... police are searching for four people they say brutally attacked a man and his pregnant girlfriend in winter haven. 3 police say "terron boone" is one of those suspects. he's a student at winter haven high school. he himself into police the night of the attack... but investigators are still looking for 4 other people. it happened saturday night in lake maude nature park. officers say a man got out of his car and was beaten and robbed. his pregnant girlfriend got out to help... but was thrown to the ground and punched in the back. she says two men then walked towards her... one


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